Healthy Indoors AFTER HOURS Show

The all-new online monthly show from Healthy Indoors returns in September, hosted by Bob Krell, Joe Medosch, and J West, with Susan Valenti as our audience moderator.
Picture yourself walking into the hotel lounge after a day of sessions at an industry event, and having a conversation with a group of experts.

Watch the live stream and video recordings below!
To watch a live stream broadcast or one of the video recordings after the event airs, just click on the specific episode post below.  

Chat or Comment?
The Chat function is only active during the live broadcast and is available to anyone.  The Chat thread does not remain visible after the broadcast, however. The Comment function is available anytime and remains as a permanent active thread along with the recordings.  Choose your preferred commentary portal!

*If you would like to post in Comments during the live broadcasts or anytime after each show airs, you will need to be logged-in as a member of this community. 

You can register to become a member, free of charge, to comment here and access our other Healthy Indoors Online Global Community content at: https://www.healthyindoors.global/

YOU Can be Part of the Show, too!
New for Q3 2021 is the addition of a live virtual studio audience participation via the Healthy Indoors Online Global Community. Our Community Members can request to join in a moderated discussion with our hosts and guests to ask their questions live on camera. Direct Message (DM) our Moderator, Susan Valenti, on the Community at during the broadcast: https://global.healthyindoors.com/u/e287cbf1 to request joining our show live on camera during the broadcast. She will give you a link to login to our studio, where you will be placed in our backstage "Green Room" until we bring you into the show live.